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Classic Conjuring

Classic Conjuring

A Performance of Contemporary 
Sleight of Hand & Mystifying Effects

Experience mystifying close-up 

illusions and elegant miracles,  providing moments of astonishment and amazement in a fun and intimate setting. For over 35 years, Howard's 

original brand of classic sleight of hand incorporates simple, everyday objects to create a memorable experience that will be talked about for days later.

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Strolling Magic

Parlor Magic

An intimate, formal close up show that runs approximately 40-50 minutes. This is perfect for after dinner entertainment in the home or a special venue. Usual audience sizes range from 10-30 persons. This show is upbeat, engaging and interactive with laughs, audience participation and moments of wonder. A truly unforgettable experience!


Witness the magic happening right in front of you and even in your hands. This form of magical entertainment is ideal for cocktail parties and hospitality events. Using sleight of hand with cards, coins and other everyday objects, small groups of people will be amazed by a variety of close up illusions. Perfect before main events such as weddings, Mitzvahs, fundraisers, corporate functions and private parties. Participants will laugh, gasp and be amazed. A great way to kick off your event!

About Howard

Howard Stevens has been entertaining and engaging audiences for years with his unique ability to mesmerize and amaze even the most skeptical of viewers. Beginning on the streets of Philadelphia, and continuing through his career as a physician, he has enthusiastically honed his skills at private parties, restaurants and large corporate events, slowly turning his childhood obsession into a lifelong art.

Fascinated by magic since the age of 12, Howard studied books on famous magicians and taught himself a few tricks, but he yearned for more. As a teenager, through college and into medical school, he became intrigued with the intricacies of sleight of hand and dedicated his free time to the craft.

Before establishing his medical practice, he discovered the newly opened Philadelphia Magic Company and had the opportunity to be mentored by some of the area’s finest magicians. Howard and fellow magician Danny Archer created a comedy magic show known as “Fine and Dandy,” entertaining audiences in New Market Square in Center City Philadelphia. Howard found he was not only passionate about magic but that it served as a stress reliever from his responsibilities as a medical student and busy physician.  


Over thirty years, Howard’s growing list of performances has included events with CentraState Medical Center, the New England Osteopathic Association, the Raven and the Peach Restaurant, the Triskeles Foundation and the Bloomberg Organization.

Howard is an active member of the Society of American Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians. These renowned magic clubs have truly benefitted from Howard’s lectures and performance techniques. His creative effects have been published in noteworthy journals, including “Trap Door” and “Apocalypse” magazines.

 As a recent Florida resident, Howard is currently unveiling a new close-up show geared towards small, intimate audiences entitled “Classic Conjuring: A Contemporary Performance of Sleight of Hand and Mystifying Effects,” which he plans to unveil in 2023. 



“The venue was magnificent, the whiskey even better, but Howard was the highlight of the evening. He left people asking, “How did he do that?”

Ray Schneider

Board President, Triskeles Foundation

Booking & Contact

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